LSINC is a company founded on innovation and collaboration. The LSINC team works together to create strategies for the technology that improves the world, bringing ideas to reality.

It takes time for truly innovative products to mature from an idea to being on the production floor. The best idea, if not handled with care and precision by skilled engineers, could result in a product that is missing some of the best capabilities to streamline or improve processes.

At LSINC, we employ a five-step process to ensure this durable excellence for each client:

Idea.     Design.     Engineer.    Manufacture.     Launch.

  1. Idea: The first step is to fully explore the idea, research if and how this idea has been approached before and visualize a better version.
  2. Design: The second step is to formulate a game plan. This is when budget, risks, and technical requirements are brought into the conversation.
  3. Engineer: LSINC Engineers take the information gathered in the Design Phase and collaborate between multiple specialties to finalize the details.
  4. Manufacture: The fourth step is one of the most unique to LSINC: we manufacture in-house so that our clients have continuity from engineering to manufacturing.
  5. Launch: The product is reality, and it’s time to introduce it to the world! LSINC provides clients with all needed documentation, market research, and strategies for success.