Product DevelopmentWe take your product ideas and make them reality

LSINC provides turnkey, lifecycle product development services with a collaborative approach to deliver end products that are designed for manufacturability, fully functional, thoroughly documents, and positioned for success.



The ideation process starts with your idea. Our industrial designers and product engineers will refine it and start the product development cycle.



Collaboration between you and our designers gives your product the right presentation, maximized for cost control during manufacturing.



We analyze and test thoroughly to ensure the design meets all thermal and structural requirements, to improve performance and avoid costly failures and redesigns.



We use digital printing, two-part cast resins, and CNC machining to produce samples for testing and sales.



Design specifications are captured for creating user and training manuals and for manufacturing process instructions, all while protecting your intellectual property.



We work with you to position your product to successfully go to market… from competitive market research to media planning and placement.

What’s Your Idea?

We provide turn-key product development including, industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, initial production, coordination with long-term contract manufacturing, even go-to-market launch strategies.

But the conversation isn’t just about your product.

Dozens of companies can help take you through the product development cycle.

Only LSINC can partner with you through the business cycle to help ensure your business success.

Our in-house capabilities include machining, fabrication, and assembly capabilities. Coupled with our extensive supplier network, configurable space, classified capabilities, and project management expertise, we can provide whatever is needed for development, qualification, and manufacturing.

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Digital Printing Craftsmanship

LSINC engineers have highly specialized digital print design expertise, backed by 15 years of experience. We can leverage our sound engineering principles, external vendor relationships, and low volume adaptable manufacturing to bring your printing ideas to reality.

We continue to expand our capabilities for printing on difficult geometric designs, instituting performance enhancements, and increasing throughput to help our customers meet market demand.

Only LSINC can partner with you through the entire process to help ensure your success.

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What happened when …

  • A breakthrough technology required commercialization in small form for market appeal?
  • A sales team needed packaging and branding for a rapidly approaching marketing event?
  • And a government required realistic soldier training units in a near-impossible timeframe?

They all turned to LSINC, whose passionate engineering team enjoys taking on new challenges!

What’s keeping you up at night?

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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

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