EngineeringWe help you solve complex challenges efficiently

Nimble, innovative, entrepreneurial – LSINC has the expertise required to pull together an experienced multidisciplinary team to help customers solve complex challenges efficiently.

LSINC has the interdisciplinary experience needed to provide fast track solutions for commercial and federal products and programs.

LSINC’s engineers draw on this experience and a broad base of skills including thermal, structural, and fluid analysis; mechanical design and electrical design; testing and validation; and technical documentation.

These solutions span industries including aerospace, medical, defense, and consumer.

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What happened when …

  • An accurate cost analysis was required to secure funding for a project to move forward?
  • A diverse team of engineers was needed for a surge project in a short timeframe?
  • And the military required rapid reverse engineering on a product to help keep soldiers safe?

They all turned to LSINC, whose network of design, analysis, and test engineers deliver short- or long-term specialty services to give your operation a solid competitive edge.

What’s keeping you up at night?

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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

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