LSINC Corporation announced its newest direct-to-object printer, the PeriOne™, at its Product Launch and Technology Showcase in Huntsville, Alabama last week. The event, co-sponsored by Marabu North America, featured the product launch of the PeriOne, and demos of all three LSINC printers.  

The PeriOne is perfect for full-color, light production printing, prototyping and proofing to cylinders and tapered media. Some differentiating features include the ability to print directly to clear glass without the use of a barrier, auto wiping and capping of the inkjet heads, and expanded maximum media diameter and length.  

LSINC’s PeriQ360

The PeriOne joins two other LSINC printers including the the high speed, four-tunnel PeriQ360™ and the

LSINC’s Perivallo360m

Perivallo360m® which uses articulated inkjet heads to print to contoured media.

Alicia Ryan, CEO of LSINC commented, “The PeriOne is groundbreaking in functionality and speed among other single spindle units on the market today. While this printer rounds out our product portfolio nicely, we’re not done developing products that address this growing print category.” 

LSINC will showcase this new technology along with the Perivallo360m at the Printing United show in Las Vegas, NV this October.  

LSINC Corporation has two decades of experience designing and building cutting-edge digital print technologies. All LSINC printers are powered by the JetINX print engine and are built in U.S. facilities. LSINC is trusted by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients to bring their ideas to reality. For more information about LSINC, visit 

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