HUNTSVILLE, Ala.: LSINC® Corporation, based in Huntsville, AL, is proud to announce they have just added an extensive field service capability that blankets the country. LSINC has added field service representatives in California, Washington State, Texas, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Florida. This is in addition to the core team located in Huntsville, Alabama.

“This growth of our team is vital to everyone’s success,” states LSINC Owner and CEO Alicia Ryan. “More printers are shipping out to companies across the nation and around the world. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, quality, and education. Building this service team is one big way we show that commitment.”

Each service team representative is trained to maintain and repair the entire line of LSINC direct-to-object printers, including the Perivallo360m®, PeriQ360™, and PeriOne™. This expanded network of field service technicians will ensure quick response times for in-house service calls to the growing list of LSINC printer customers across the United States.

About LSINC Corporation: At LSINC® Corporation, IDEAS TO REALITY is not just our tag line, it’s what we do for corporations around the globe. LSINC provides innovative approaches to everyday manufacturing challenges. This spirit of innovation has led to the development of the Perivallo360m®, PeriQ360™, and PeriOne™ direct-to-object printers. LSINC also provides consulting and engineering services to seamlessly integrate our technology into your current manufacturing operation or bring your manufacturing ideas to reality through our consulting and custom engineering engagements. Learn more at