Huntsville, AL (October 2020) – LSINC Corporation, a Huntsville, AL based business, introduces the first in a series of high speed, high resolution decoration printers, the Perivallo360m.

UV digital printing offers seamless decoration for impressive designs that engage consumers. Businesses can escape from the traditional and opt for a limitless color palette and canvas that embraces every contour of the substrate to best display product branding. UV digital printing is the sustainable and economical option that will allow branding to stand the test of time. The Perivallo360m is ideal for markets such as wine and spirits, health and beauty, and specialty foods.

The Perivallo360m is a result of LSINC’s innovative technologies that allow direct-to-object UV digital printing onto cylindrical, conical, and contoured substrates, offering businesses a vast variety of options for marketing and branding. The Perivallo360m moves beyond the limitations of current labeling to allow imaginative design that is Truly Boundless. Through its new revolutionary technology, LSINC answers today’s market needs and positions clients as industry innovators, riding the wave of growth.

For LSINC Founder and CEO, Alicia Ryan, this launch means more than bringing a revolutionary product to market. It’s bringing it to market during one of the most challenging times in recent history. “The year 2020 has been challenging, but also motivating. At LSINC Corporation, we didn’t slow down, we leaned forward. We designed, built, and manufactured a portfolio of new, innovative, never before created or envisioned, UV industrial printers. These printers allow you to take your ideas, inspirations, and images to REALITY by directly printing to your glass, wood, metal, or plastic cylindrical container.”

The design and printing possibilities are not the only advantages to this new technology. As packaging companies continue to focus on sustainable packaging, this technology contributes to a cleaner environment by eliminating ink waste and making it much easier to recycle containers since no toxic glues or paper labels are used.

LSINC offers full-service operational support for their customers. From machine build and setup to technical assistance and creative design services, these support capabilities enable imaginative product packaging development.

LSINC is a world leader in digital printing technology and cutting edge innovation. All LSINC printers are built in U.S. facilities, and LSINC has nearly thirteen years of designing and building print technology. LSINC is trusted by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients to bring their ideas to reality. For more information about LSINC, visit